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Honda SL350 K1

Back in May we are asked to recreate a Honda SL350 K1 wiring harness. This was the finished product.


Peugeot 106 - Autosport version

This Project began back in June time and has been steadily progressing since then. We have completed various harnesses all DR25 covered and all bespoke to the customers vehicle, this picture shows the intermediate harness running from Dash to the rear.

Progress continued and a Fuel Cell harness was made. DR25 covered and complemented with an Autosport connector and transition boot, and finished off with the yellow idents and a clear heatshrink cover.[20140930_212908] [20141101_074903] [20141101_075032] [20140822_225545] [20141020_181951] [20141020_181909] [20141004_002435]Ferrari 355

Some finishing touches added to the Brake Switch. Suprisingly a very fiddly job! Although it appeared lavish having an Autosport connector on this Switch, the position / area within the car that this would be placed, using a cheaper version wouldn't have had the same ''visual'' impact.

Completion of the Rear Lights harness. DR25 covered, S1125 glued joints and topped off with yellow idents and clear covers.

Wing Harnesses! Not forgetting that the front of the vehicle needs lights, a passenger and driver wing harness were created. Spec44 cable and DR25 as standard.

A full link to the complete build on this vehicle can be found on:http://www.offroadfabnet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5638

Ferrari 246 Dino

Here is showing a customer specific Engine Harness for a Ferrari 246 Dino conversion. Coverings used are a Silicone covered glass braid. Spec44 cable was used finished with a standard yellow heatshrink ident and clear cover.

Ferrari 355

After the customer had sent the original engine harnesses through, we began to identify parts and create a wire listing. This picture shows one of the original harnesses.

Work began on creating a form board to dimensions off the original harnesses. On this project we were able to ''dual'' the board to lay both harnesses.

A close up shot of the Silicone covered Braid being used. In this instance a Hilflex SD350 14mm. We currently have stock in the following sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm and 18mm, and can sell by the metre + delivery.

Populating one of the Bosch ECU connectors, orientation and correct wire identification is paramount here! Each cable has been identified by a unique number at either end and heatshrunken down. Heatshrink identification is another service we can offer, please contact us for further information.

This photo shows one of the complete ''replicated'' engine harnesses we created.

If you feel that your original wiring harnesses performance and or aesthetics are compromised please send us through an enquiry.